Sports Massage

What it is

Whatever your sport or athletic passion, this is the massage for you. It differs from the other massages in that it concentrates on all muscle groups but particularly the muscles used in your sport. It is particularly useful in preventing soreness if done within 8 hours of your sporting event by flushing lactic acid and other blood toxins out of the muscle more quickly. Regular sessions help speed muscle recovery during training. Following the massage, customized stretch or strengthening exercises (which Sandi can recommend based on your specific needs, if you like) will help you maintain balance and healthy joints.

How to prepare for your session

  • An hour before your massage, ensure you're well hydrated and drink a glass of water if needed.  
  • If you're able to do so, warm your muscles up before the session by taking a hot bath, soaking in Ouray Hot Springs, or taking a gentle 10-15 minutes stroll.
  • After your massage, be sure to avoid alcohol or any sugary drinks and continue to hydrate and flush the body with plenty of water.